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We at Heyaru Engineering, have a broad experience in processing diamond. We can supply both single crystal diamond and polycrystalline diamond in several qualities. All our diamonds are lab grown chemical vapour deposition (CVD) diamond. Our customers require the highest standard with tight tolerances and often tailor-made. With a wide range of production techniques, we are able to meet these requirements.

Heyaru Group having headquarter in Dubai will invest 26 million euro’s in a factory that will make synthetic diamonds in Lommel, Flanders. Heyaru has the ambition to expand its site in Lommel over the next five to ten years into the largest ‘diamond factory’ in Europe. An estimated investment of 262 million euros, good for 120 to 150 employees in the long term.

In the first three years our focus in Lommel will be on synthetic gem diamonds, on synthetic jewel diamonds. In the longer term which we are still exploring – the ambition is to further explore the possibilities of synthetic diamond for quantum computers, sensors and other applications.

Part of the energy used for the production will be from renewable energy.